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Sura Baqra Transcribed Files

A compilation of pdf files in english can be downloaded

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Collection of ayat regarding salaat

Baqra Ayat 2,3 and 4 page 1

Baqra Ayat 2,3 and 4 page 2

Baqra Ayat 2,3 and 4 page 3

Baqra Ayat 2,3 and 4 page 4

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Baqra Ayat 2-3 page 4

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Baqra Ayat 2-3 page 3

Baqra Ayat 2-3

Baqra Ayat 2-3

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Baqra Ayat 2

Shaikh Jaleel

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent, the most Merciful


[002.003. Allatheena yu/minoona bialghaybi wayuqeemoona alssalata wamimma
razaqnahum yunfiqoona]


[002.003. Who believe in the Unseen, are steadfast in prayer, and spend out of what we
have provided for them]

Dear readers if you look into the holy Quran everywhere you will notice that Allah is
giving emphasis on the establishment of salat. Because the basic pillar of Islam is the salat. It is extremely important to establish the system of salat and to follow in true letter. Without this the building of Din can not be erected. It is the basic condition otherwise there could be no concept of Islam. This is the foundation undoubtedly. Anyway there are two things important to note that and . means to get back – people who pray on time. Worth noting is that it is not important to offer the pray, but important is this that one should offer pray on time. Every work should be done on time in the world. The holy Quran also demands that all the works should be done timely manner.

It is extremely important to establish the system of salat and to follow in true letter. Without this the building of Din can not be erected. It is the basic condition otherwise there could be no concept of Islam. This is the foundation undoubtedly. Anyway there are two things important to note that and . means to getback – people who pray on time. Worth noting is that it is not important to offer the pray, but important is this that one should offer pray on time. Every work should be done on time in the world. The holy Quran also demands that all the works should be done timely. If you look around you about the universe you will come to know that Allah Subhana-Wa-Ta’aala created each and everything on time. The time punctuality is so much important in the sight of Allah and the Islamic history is replete with many examples that the prophets were extremely punctual. So the establishment of salat means that salat be offered well in time.
If a person has got Iman in his heart then he will have to follow the system of
salat and zakat, but both will have to be done on time. Allah has given extreme
importance to it. If you want to know that how much important is the salat then go back and see what the messenger of Allah has said about salat. But before it we should know that what is the meaning of salat? It has two bright meanings full of great wisdom.
Before Islam and after Islam. Before Islam or before the prophet a messenger was sent. Arab used to have different meanings of salat. And when glorious Islam came then the planet began sparkling with the light of the holy Quran and the footsteps of the holy prophet and the meanings of the salat changed. There came the meanings what meanings we take now. So before Islam when Arab said they meant a Du’a without being in to the state of Rukhoo or Sujjood. Allah says

[Khuth min amwalihim sadaqatan tutahhiruhum watuzakkeehim biha wasalli AAalayhim
inna salataka sakanun lahum waAllahu sameeAAun Aaaleemun] ...Of their goods, take
alms, that so thou mightest purify and sanctify them; and pray on their behalf. Verily thy prayers are a source of security for them: And Allah is One Who heareth and knoweth_ _
_ Salat also gives the meaning of Du’a. And when we call it means the
pray of deceased. When someone leaves this world we offer salat for him. For this
prayer we are not required to have any ablutions or Rukhoo or Sujjodd or the things what we normally require the rituals what we do for our daily salat. So actually it is all Du’a for the deceased person. All takbirs of this salat are the Du’a for the dead body. So it was the meaning of salat to be only Du’a before Islam.
But with the advent of Islam a change came in the meaning of salat. When we go
to salat, we do ablution, offer Rukhoo and Sujjood and prostrate before Allah by being towards the point of Qibla. In salat we recite Al-Faitha and sit in Tashhad. This is the regular meaning of Salat. But there is a deep meaning of Salat. If you look into the hadith of Ahlul Bayt, they have given us the interpretation that it is the fear of Allah in our heart. They say that in salat there is a complete submission of our heart and soul and body for Allah Subhana-Wa-Ta’aala. Because salat is the pinnacle of any moumin. If we are unable to establish a connection with Allah then the meaning of salat dies.
Let me quote an example from history. When Imam Ali (AS) injured and there
was an arrow pierced in to his leg. He was in immense pain when his companions tried
to pull it out. So the messenger of Allah told them to wait until the time of his prayer. Imam Ali (AS) went into the prayer and his companions pulled out that arrow of his leg. Why? Because Imam Ali (AS) was completely connected to Allah Subhana-Wa-Ta’aala.

This is the worth quoting example that our prayers should also be like his. But
unfortunately our prayers lack such spirit and virtue. It is the real meaning of Salat. Without it our Salat will be just a mechanical performance. Ahlul Bayt has many hadith of Salat. One of them is if Allah Subhana-Wa-Ta’aala accepts a man’s prayer Allah will accept his devotion and intention. All the actions of the man is accepted in the sight of Allah such as his fasting, Hajj, charity etc. These all actions will be given a status in the sight and height of divine scale.
One thing too much important that if the Salat is rejected everything of us is rejected. There is one hadith from the prophet (Salla 'Llahu 'alayhi wa sallam)
he says if one of you have a little bit river or pond in your house if he/she cleanse them in that pond five times a day it cleans your body five times in a day. In the very same way your Salat washes your heart and soul five times in a day.
If you take a keen notice of Hajj and zakat and fasting whatever we perform
according to our Din-e-Islam, Allah sent Gabriel to come and teach the messenger of
Allah to do it. But there was only thing that Gabriel did not teach our messenger and that was the Salat. Allah said to Gabriel that I had something to give to you for giving to my prophet (Salla 'Llahu 'alayhi wa sallam) but that is too heavy for me to give you to carry it to my messenger. Therefore, Allah said him that He wanted him to go to His messenger and bring him to Allah so that Allah Himself could give that thing to the messenger. That’s why Allah sent Gabriel to the messenger to get him on the Mirrage.
Here from you can view the importance of Salat. Otherwise Allah could have given Salat to Gabriel to send it to the messenger. He called the prophet (Salla 'Llahu 'alayhi wa sallam) and gave him Salat on Mirrage. Before the death of Imam Jaffer he told all his companions that on the Day of Judgment we will have
the shafa’a (intercession) but it will only for those who did not ignore neglect Salat in his life. So if you are from Ahlul Bayt then don’t forget to obey this directive and always give high attention to your Salat, so that you may have the shafa’a (intercession) on the Day of Judgment. Dear readers did you see that how important is the Salat?
There we also have the life of Imam Ali (AS) to understand and comprehend the
importance of Salat. Imam Ali was killed and by that time he was in the state of prayer. Imam Ali said to Imam Hasan lead people to the prayer. Imam Ali
thought that the most important thing in this mortal world is the Salat. Salat is the first degree of Iman. Iman and Imam both stand on Salat. In one of the battles in the middle of the fighting Imam Ali (AS) told to one of his companions to say Adhan for Salat. And one of his companions said that Imam Ali (AS) how it was possible to say Adhan in this condition. Then Imam Ali said we have to establish prayer so call someone to say Adhan.

Also Imam Hussain said in the night of Ashura – the 10th of Muharram I
can pray and say my Namaz to night. Imam Hussain could have talked to his family
members but he offered his Namaz and Salat. Namaz has to be offered even the angel of death is standing on your head to take you soul.
If water is available then you are required to do ablution. If you don’t have water
then do the dry ablution tayamum. Even if tayamum is out of condition that it can not be done but don’t leave Namaz. Offer it with doing dry ablution. If you are sick you don’t have to keep them. If you don’t have money you are not required to give Zakat. But Salat it is not to leave at every cost. You can only facilitate your stances but you can not leave Namaz. is to keep the prayer on time. There used to be one prophet Rabia. He was paralyzed and he was also blind of his eyes but as soon as he heard Adhan he held the walls of his house and went to the prophet’s masjid. He did not leave his Salat. How important is the Salat! It is now very clear.

Further will be discussed in next lecture Inshallah!

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Transcribed Lectures on Sura Baqra

Inshallah we will begin posting transcribed pdf documents to this blog soon. These pertain to lectures recited by Shaikh Jalilu Issah regarding the Sura Baqra of the Holy Quran.

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Sura Baqra

Table of Contents

Sura Baqra 2005

It has been a long dream of mine to read the Holy Quran with literal meaning and tafseer. A few months ago I met Shaikh Jaleel and he agreed to teach me the Holy Quran. This page points to the audio files posted in MP3 format to a free media hosting site ourmedia.

Table of Contents

Tafseer of Sura Baqra By Moulana Shaikh Jaleel
Sura FatehaSura Yusuf (Urdu)
Baqra 211 Baqra 212Baqra Ayat 213Baqra 214

Baqra 215 part 1
Baqra 215 part 2
Baqra 206 Baqra 207Baqra Ayat 207 part 2Baqra 208

Baqra 209
Baqra 210
Baqra 200 Baqra 201Baqra Ayat 202Baqra 203

Baqra 204
Baqra 205
Baqra 196 part 10 Baqra 196 part 11Baqra Ayat 196 part 12Baqra 196 part 13

Baqra 196 part 14
Baqra 198
Baqra 196 part 4 Baqra 196 part 5Baqra Ayat 196 part 6Baqra 196 part 7

Baqra 196 part 8
Baqra 196 part 9
Baqra 195 Baqra 196 part 1Baqra Ayat 196 part 1Baqra 196 part 3

Baqra 196 part 3
Baqra 196 part 4
Baqra 190 Baqra 191Baqra Ayat 192-193 regarding jehadBaqra 193 part 2 regarding jehad

Baqra 193 part 3 regarding jehad
Baqra 194
Lecture regarding Dua Baqra 187 part 1Baqra Ayat 187 part 2Baqra 188

Baqra 189 part 1
Baqra 189 part 2
Baqra ayat 183 Baqra 184Baqra Ayat 185Baqra 186 regarding Dua

Baqra 186 part 2
Baqra 186 part 3
Baqra ayat 177 Baqra 178Baqra Ayat 179Baqra 180

Baqra 181
Baqra 182
Baqra ayat 169 Baqra 170-171171
Baqra Ayat 172

Baqra 173

Baqra 174
Baqra Ayat 175
Baqra ayat 162 Baqra 163
Baqra Ayat 164
Baqra 165

Baqra 166-167
Baqra Ayat 168
Baqra ayat 154-155 Baqra 156-157
Baqra Ayat 158
Baqra 159

Baqra 160
Baqra Ayat 161
Baqra ayat 145 Baqra 146-148
Baqra Ayat 149-150
Baqra 151

Baqra 152 and Wafat of Bibi Fatima
Baqra Ayat 153-154
Baqra ayat 133-134 Baqra 135-137
Baqra Ayat 138-139
Baqra 140-142

Baqra 143
Baqra Ayat 144
Baqra ayat 125 Baqra 126
Baqra Ayat 127-128
Baqra 129

Baqra 130-131
Baqra Ayat 132
Baqra ayat 115 Baqra 116-117
Baqra 118-120
Baqra 121

Baqra 122-124
Baqra Ayat 124 regarding Imamat
English translation only till Sura Baqra ayat 94-101 Baqra Ayat 102Baqra ayat 103-107 Baqra ayat 108
Baqra ayat 109-112 Baqra ayat 113-114
English translation only ayat 72-76English translation only ayat 77-82English translation only ayat 83-87English translation only ayat 88-93Ayat 97-100 of BaqraEnglish translation only ayat 49-71
Ayat 85-87 of BaqraAyat 88-90 of BaqraAyat 91-93 of BaqraAyat 94-96 of BaqraAyat 97-100 of BaqraEnglish translation only ayat 49-71
Ayat 63 of BaqraAyat 64-73 of BaqraAyat 74-78 of BaqraAyat 78-80 of BaqraAyat 81-83 of BaqraAyat 84-85 of Baqra
Ayat 59-60 of BaqraAyat 61 of BaqraAyat 62 of BaqraAyat 49-53 of BaqraAyat 54-56 of BaqraAyat 56-58 of Baqra
English Translation Only 27-36English Translation Only 37-48Ayat 49 of BaqraAyat 47-48 of BaqraAyat 48 of BaqraAyat 48 part 2 of Baqra
Ayat 40 of BaqraAyat 41-43 of BaqraAyat 44-46 of BaqraAyat 33-34 of BaqraAyat 35-36 of BaqraAyat 37-39 of Baqra
English Translation only Ayat 25-27Ayat 29 of BaqraAyat 31-32 of BaqraAyat 28 of BaqraEnglish Translation only Ayat 14-20English Translation only Ayat 21-25
Ayat 26 of BaqraAyat 26 (lecture 2) of BaqraAyat 27 of Baqra
Ayat 21-22 of BaqraAyat 22-24 of BaqraAyat 23-25 of BaqraAyat 22-23 of BaqraAyat 20-21 of BaqraOn the creation of Mankind
Ayat 19-21 of BaqraAyat 15-18 of BaqraAyat 5-13 of Baqra English Translation OnlyAyat 1-5 of Baqra English Translation OnlyThe Hypocrites according to Sura BaqraAyat 12-14 of Baqra
Ayat 10-13 of BaqraAyat 8-9 of BaqraAyat 7 of BaqraAyat 6-7 of Baqra
Baqra Tafseer by Moulana Shaikh Jaleel
BaqraBaqra AudioAyat 1-2 of Sura pdf

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